Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Five

I knew you guys were smart! All the advice you've shared this week has been absolutely perfect. There's a lot of wisdom in what you all wrote. So, once more, thank you very much!

Here's what's on my mind today:

1. This week SonA has had school off for spring break. I had so many fun activities planned. And then the forecast changed from mid-sixties and sunny back to our norm for the year. Freezing cold snowing/raining/doom. We've managed to still find some fun stuff to do, but overall, this has not been a week of spring break win, that's for sure.

2. Last night we celebrated SHH's birthday a few days early (since his birthday is actually on Easter Sunday this year, which has never happened before since I've known him). I surprised him with a couple's massage and then we used his free birthday meal at Benihana for dinner. Ahhh, what an awesome night. We both could have slept until noon today after the relaxation and delicious food overload. Instead, that cute alarm clock (otherwise known as SonB) was up at 7 am on the dot like usual, telling us all to wake up and get him out of bed. Oh well. ;)

3. I'm having a minor complication with my pregnancy (nothing that will cause the baby any harm, just discomfort and pain for me), that requires me to lay down on my side with my legs as elevated as I can get them multiple times a day. Or that's what I'm supposed to do anyway. Usually I find the time to do that about twice a day if I'm lucky. I thought it would be a great chance to catch up on my TBR list, but instead it turns out whenever I finally do lay down is exactly when my kids suddenly need me. Hmmm, interesting how that works.

4. Isn't it intriguing how some days when you're writing the words just seem to flow, and other days.... not so much. Yeah, I'm glad I'm not alone. Right?

5. Dessert is yummy. With this pregnancy I can't seem to feel full until I've had some sugary goodness. Usually I'm good about resisting sweet libations, but it's been a bit harder this time. Okay, a LOT harder. This girl must have a serious sweet tooth.

So, what's on yor mind this Friday? Any fun plans for the holiday weekend?


Elana Johnson said...

Dude, I would take the desserts any time! Glad your baby is craving that. Sorry you have to lay on your side--aren't kids like the best at figuring out when you just need a minute?

Have a great weekend!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I remember doing that side lying thing for #2 because #1 was a preemie (didn't worry about it for #3). #1 thought this was a cool idea. Now he had something to climb all over. Kind of killed the idea of putting a dent in my reading pile. ;)

Elle Strauss said...

I'm glad you got all the feedback help you needed, and that you had a marvelous birthday time. I surprised my hubby this year and it was a lot of fun.

Hope you have a restful, peaceful Easter!