Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tell the Truth Tuesday

Here are some of my truths today:

1- I'm scared of the dark. I hate having to get up at night and do anything because I always think there's someone hiding in the shadows, waiting to get me.

2- Nightmares stink. Unless they spur an idea for a book. Unfortunately, the nightmare I had last night didn't spur an idea for a book, it was just plain awful. Basically there were two gigantic snakes, and one of them ended up attacking my mom and trying to kill her. Yeah, not a good idea for a book.

3- I totally failed at NaNo this year. I kind of knew I shouldn't sign up, because there was just too much going on to dedicate myself to it, but I did anyway. And now I'm a failure. Bummer.

3- On the bright side, I did manage to run my Thanksgiving Day Human Race and get my Thanksgiving dinner on the table last week (I hosted my whole family). My 6-yr-old ended up running it with us (and my husband had to push the other two kids in the stroller because our babysitter bugged out on us at the last minute). But he did great! He actually would have placed 11th in his age division if we'd had a bib for him. I was a proud Mama.

4- Baby weight stinks to get rid of, not to mention what it does to the skin on your belly. In a totally unrelated thought, does anyone else think that Mariah Carey had a tummy tuck? Because I saw the picture of her saying, "look at how skinny I am now after twins" or something like that on the cover of People, and her belly button didn't look too natural anymore. I'm just sayin'...

5- When SHH is out of town for work, I have a hard time wanting to make "real" meals for dinner. Or breakfast. Or any meal for that matter. It's just so much work when I only seem to have a 50/50 chance that my kids will actually eat more than 3 bites. (Their appetites come and go faster than a Black Friday deal at Wal Mart.) But I'm actually making a full on meal today--the best chicken pot pie recipe ever, jello salad, dessert, the whole works. My truth is that it's not really for my family, it's for a neighbor. I'm just doubling the recipe for our dinner, because it would be really lame to make it for someone else and not get to eat it myself.

What are your truths today? Lay 'em on me -- success, failure, whatever it may be.


DL Hammons said...

I have this unnatural aversion to watching someone play with their belly button. No joke...I'm getting antsy just talking about it. If I was a POW and my captors tortured me by playing with theirs, I'd give up the codes to those nuclear bombs in a heartbeat!!! *shivers*

Tasha Seegmiller said...

I am certain I had a brilliant comment, but DL's made me lose all concentration as I was trying not to laugh very loudly while my students are diligently working.

Oh yeah - I'm the same way with dinner at my house. Besides, my son has currently entered the speed eating phase of his life and is done with dinner in almost half the time it took me to set the table in the first place.

Ashley Rae said...

Good truths, for sure.
I'm afraid of the basement, actually. Haha. And another truth- I suck at sticking to diets. :)

Elle Strauss said...

I'm scared to do Truth Tuesday. Maybe one day. :)

Jennie Bailey said...

We failed at NaNo together! High five! And what baby weight, Sara? That picture you posted on a hike didn't show any. Where are you hiding it?? But I get it - weight of any kind is never as easy to get off as it is to put on. Although not sure where yours is. Mariah - totally had a tummy tuck. It makes me mad when stars try to act like they did it all themselves. I have so much more respect for Patricia Heaton - she had work done and she admits it. It's not fair to let everyone else think that women can look the way they do without all that extra help!