Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Four or Five

1. My baby sister is on her way to Africa right now (to Capetown) to do service--helping teach children English and to read, building a home or school, and more. I have to admit, I'm jealous of her. Back when I was in nursing school, I used to dream of going to Africa on a medical service trip. My mom is a Medical Technologist and we used to talk about going together. Honestly, sometimes I think about finishing my degree someday just so I can still go do that. What an amazing opportunity for her! Just hoping she stays safe and has an amazing time.

2. I think the pools are officially supposed to open today. It's been in the 80s and even 90s for the last two weeks. Want to guess what the weather is like today? Yep, raining and chilly. Heh. That's Utah for you.

3. Change can be exciting, but it's hard, too. Another one of my sisters bought her first home this week and we are helping her move this weekend. She's staying close by, so I'm just excited for her. But one of my closest friends is moving to Texas (we're helping them move out of their house early next week) and I'm so sad to see them go. I'm happy for them to have this opportunity, but I will miss her and her family so much! Interesting how the same thing--someone moving--can cause such different feelings depending on where the move takes the people I love.

4. I opened a WIP that I started in March this week. I had two different ideas that month and started them both. Then the second idea kind of took off, and I finished that one. Now that I've got that one revised and polished (at least for now), I went back to my other one. I'm about 8,800 words in and as I reread them I thought, "hey, this is actually pretty good. It's unfortunate that I can't remember what I was planning on doing with some of these characters. Hmmm... I obviously intended for that object to mean something. If only I had a clue what it was." And so on and so forth. I have a document where I wrote notes for this book, so I remember most of it, but apparently I wasn't thorough enough. Wish me luck as I try to remember the rest of my plot so I can keep writing!

5. I think there is a skunk outside right now. It suddenly smells very strongly of skunk. Hopefully my dog doesn't need to go outside to do his bizness anytime soon.

What's on your mind today? Any fun plans for the weekend? Happy Friday!


Janet Johnson said...

I've had experiences like that with books. So frustrating! But maybe it'll all turn out better than you planned before. :)

And I dislike skunks. Hope it goes away soon!

Our plans? Headed off to see the statue of liberty. :)

Sara Raasch said...

Oh I HATE it when you can't remember why you put a particular thing in a book...especially when you have that itchy feeling that your original idea was SO GOOD. Most frustrating thing EVER.

*hands good memory juice*

Good luck to you, woman.

Elana Johnson said...

So let me get this straight. You started a book in March, have finished it, and polished it? Are you serious?? That makes me want to crawl into bed and turn on the TV. Ha!

Change is so hard. I feel this everyday when I see friends moving out or moving on.

DL Hammons said...

It does sound like you have you're writing clicking right along! Good for you! Now, what's your secret?? :)

Carolyn V said...

That is so cool that your sister is going to Africa! How amazing would that be? wow.

At least the weather is starting to change. My kids can't wait to spend their summer in the pool. ;)