Monday, May 7, 2012

Storymakers 2012 recap

I can't believe Storymakers 2012 is already over! It seemed SO far away when I signed up for it, and now it's done. I wish I could have gone to more of it than just Saturday, but I'm glad I got to do at least one day. My friends Kasie, Natalie and Jenn taught a couple of classes, there were some amazing agents and editors there, Renee was in town... it was just totally made of awesome.

Renee and I even got asked if we were sisters! I took that as a compliment since she's so pretty. Plus, I love all four of my little sisters, and I love Renee, so she totally can be my honorary sister. :-)

 Jenn, me, Renee, and Kasie. (Natalie had already gone home - the poor thing is not only about to have a baby any minute, she had kidney stones!) They totally rocked their classes, and it's always so much fun hanging out with all of them. Love all these ladies (and the ones at dinner in the picture below, as well). There was a lot of love this weekend, heh.
 Dinner after the conference with so many fabulous people, including Kasie and Kiersten White's rockin' agent, Michelle Wolfson. She's so hysterical-- and the tiniest little spitfire you'll ever meet. She's seriously tough, people. Even though I'm like a foot taller than her, I'm a little bit afraid that she could beat me up. Not that she ever would. But she could. Anyway, we were all laughing so hard. It was such a fun night.

I also got to hang out with Holly Root earlier in the day--she's seriously so beautiful and really funny. Somehow we ended up swapping stories about our awkward stages in life, among many other things. And man does that girl know how to pack efficiently! She's awesome, I'm so glad I got to meet and talk to her.

I also got to meet and talk to Molly O'Neill, the editor for the Divergent series (among many others), and she, too, was so nice and fun to get to know. She's even introducing me to a Weird Al Yankovic remake of the music video to "my" song. (My name is Sara, I'm sure you can guess which one.)

It was such a great opportunity to meet these incredible professionals in the industry and I'm so glad I was able to get to know each of them a little better. (And I even made Michelle's twitter feed as one of the "glamorous" GIANTS in the back of the car on the way to the restaurant hehe.)
Kasie and Michelle. Aren't they both too cute? Love 'em.

Okay, recap (and gushing) is over. Basically, it was awesome. Meeting new people, learning about the craft, hanging out with friends, being surrounded by people who love writing and books as much as I do... A little slice of heaven.

Can't wait for next year!


Renee Collins said...

So much fun!! I'm sad it's over.

And I felt the same way about people calling us sisters. I was like, "Thank you for thinking I look like her!" :)

Patti said...

I so wanted to go, hopefully next year.

Carolyn V said...

It was such a great conference! Such great people! =D