Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mr. Darcy and kissing and bangs and whips and more

Today's random post brought to you by Analytics. Here is a taste of some google searches that brought people to my blog recently:

#4 on the list was: Mr. Darcy! I'm happy that many Darcy lovers have been guided here. I'm not sure that I've posted about him THAT often, but I do love him. Let us all pause and think of Mr. Darcy for a moment. *sigh* *dreamy eyes* Ahem. Ok. Moving on.

Right underneath Mr. Darcy however at #5 was "22 inch baby." Apparently the length of Baby Girl (did I even mention that on this blog? I guess I must have...) has garnered a few people's interest. When they got to this blog, they probably weren't too excited to realize it was an author blog and not a mommy-blogger or something. But if you stuck around, Yay for mom's with LOOONG babies!

"Being married to a writer" also made the top of the list. SHH would be thrilled to know that, since that was his guest blog post (which I have to say was quite good).

Also in the top ten was "brunette bangs." Not even sure how that would get anyone to my blog. Hm. I suppose I have them, but don't recall ever mentioning that. Maybe they saw a picture of me? Eek, that kind of freaks me out actually. Heh.

And #10 made me smile (and scratch my head since once more, I don't remember ever blogging about this specifically): "Ky and Cassia kiss." Yay for Ally's books! Yay for Ky and Cassia! But intriguing that such a search brought them here.

In fact, kissing is a theme of sorts. Besides that there was also: "fun with romantic kisses" and "kissing scenes from movies." Do I talk about kissing that much?

Other random searches:

"Despicable Me castle." Absolutely no clue what that even means.

"Cute girl holding a whip." Yikes. Again, no clue.

"My husband is hotter than me." Yes, I refer to my hubby as "SHH" (super hot hubby). So, I guess that might be why. And he probably is hotter than me, too. Let's be honest here. :-)

And not to be outdone, Mr. Thornton showed up a few times, too. Love him just as much as Mr. Darcy. *sighs again* Love those Regency Men.

So, yep! There's a random roundup of just some of the whacky searches that brought people to my blog recently.

Happy Wednesday!

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Carolyn V said...

Wow! That's quite a list! lol! Now I'm curious. I'll have to find out what mine are. ;)