Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In which I love Despicable Me and Castle

I finally got to watch Despicable Me and catch up on the last two (whoa!) episodes of Castle. They were both amazing, in completely different ways.

(Beckett and Castle... she needs to figure out that authors are way cooler than doctors, asap! Especially when the author is Nathan Fillion... I mean, Castle. Unless you're sick or dying, in which case, yay doctors! But in this fictional world of TV...)

I love both shows for completely different reasons, but the two things that were the same across the board were interesting characters and awesome dialogue. Both shows have excellent examples of each.
Hmmm... wonder if the same could be said for books? I'm going to go with YES. Truly interesting characters and really great dialogue don't just suck me into movies or TV shows. If a book has both of those elements, I just can't put it down.
I think there's a word for it; one word that encompasses both of those elements (and even a little bit more). Hmm, what was it again... oh, right. VOICE. Ever heard of that? Ever heard any agents or editors say that above all else, a truly great voice is what grabs their attention? I know I have.
So tell me, what are some of your favorite characters and why? What "voices" have you read recently (or in the past) that you just can't forget and wish could go on and on? And how do you find and show a really great, unique voice in your characters?


Carolyn V said...

I totally agree with you on Castle. Love that show!

Jen Daiker said...

I don't watch Castle, always wanted to just never got around to it!!!

However I loved Despicable me, the characters were amazing! I love each of the story lines and the way they all came together! Truly magical!!!

I love the characters who surprise. Either in a good way or a bad. I love that they keep you on your toes, never know exactly what they're thinking and after it's all said and done leaving you want to grab your back pack and set out on another adventure with them!

Elle Strauss said...

Haven't seen despicable me (missing so many good shows now that my kids are all growed up=), but I love castle. Great dialogue and character development. I think we can learn a lot as novel writers from watching how tv writers tackle getting "all that" into such a short time spot.

R.S.J. said...

My SIL keeps telling me that I should get into Castle. Perhaps I'll have to Hulu it. I LOVED Despicable Me. I adore the part when he reads the girls the book about the Three Little Kittens. Ha. I have to say that I like naughty characters, especially ones that turn out to have a good side.

Aubrey said...

Not going to answer your main question...but I do have to say as a loyal Castle watcher for years...the writers are going to LOSE audience if Castle and Beckitt don't get together soon. It is getting old that they are totally in love with each other, but then it doesn't work out for some reason or another.

Something authors should NOT do is drag things on and on and on just to extend a book or series.

Just saying. ;)

Jennie Bailey said...

TV wise right now I've been sucked into Justified. You want to talk about great characters and dialogue (although my mom said to me last night "I tried to watch your hick show last week and didn't get it" so it's not for everyone). Characters in books...Qvothe in Name of the Wind. Finally get more of him TODAY! Waiting on the mail to get here with my book! Jace in Mortal Instruments. Again, love his attitude that comes across in his dialogue. Plus how cool would it be to be a Shadowhunter?

Colene Murphy said...

OH! DM was so cute!! I loved that one too. And I have missed SO MUCH CASTLE! My heart, she is broken...I need to catch up soon what with everyone raving about this season!

Anonymous said...

I heart Castle, it's such a great show. You're right, the last two episodes were so intense. Have you read the Bartimaeous books? Excellent voice.

Russo said...

Oh, I am gonna have to watch Castle. Thanks for the suggestion. I love coming to your blog because I always learn something new. You're incredible, girl.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

For sure, it's the voice that sells a story for me, what draws me in. I still go back to Will Grayson, Will Grayson--such a strong boy voice.

I haven't seen Castle, but I should! Although I hate coming into a series so late!

ali said...

Nope, never heard of voice. What is this "voice" of which you speak?


(yeah, I suck at humor. that's why I write dark and angsty)

I loved the voice of BLOODTHIRSTY. It felt very real, very BOY to me. And ait was totally funny too. And yep, I'm pretty much sure it had it all, great narration, great dialogue.

Think it's time I started watching Castle ...