Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good and Bad

If you're like me, life is full of good days and bad days. Sometimes the same day is both good and bad. Many days fall somewhere in between. What is one of the best days you can think of? For me, a recent one that comes to mind was the day that I spent at the beach with my husband and two little boys in Cali. It was beautiful and sunny, the waves were amazing, we got to play in the sand and water and have ice cream on the boardwalk, watching the sun set. That was a wonderful day.

Today, while not a BAD bad day, hasn't been the greatest. Between Son B throwing up AGAIN (at least it wasn't on me and my iPod this time...), coming out from getting him down for his nap to find Son A playing with his AquaSand (even though I expressly asked him not to) and making a mess everywhere, and having all my fun plans for the day cancelled because of aforementioned puking (which also means that all my efforts to stay distracted from checking my email over and over again for the email that STILL hasn't come are now unable to happen)... not one of the days that falls under "good." (Yes, I'm aware that is one of the longest run-on sentences in blogdom, but I don't really care right now.)

However, can I stop living? Go hide in a corner, rocking myself in the dark, and mumbling? Um, no. I'm blowing bubbles for my sons to chase inbetween typing sentences of this post, and trying to figure out how to make dinner with what I have on hand since going to the store is out the window.

Writing is like this in many ways. You will have times when you sit down to write and the words are flying out so fast your fingers can barely keep up. Ideas flow, plots thicken deliciously, everything seems perfect.

Then, the next day, the only thing that comes out is word vomit. Nothing goes right. Scenes fall to pieces, characters won't listen or obey you, you spend the whole time cleaning up messes instead of creating art.

But do you quit? Do you throw your manuscript in a corner and give up? No.
You. Keep. Going.
Even on the bad days, you must keep plugging along. Clean up the mess and hope tomorrow is a better day.

I better go for now, Son A is blasting the soundtrack to Jurassic Park (he loves music as much as I do) and the bubbles have lost their magic for Son B -- he's now crying and grabbing my hands trying to force me away from the computer. Since I really don't like making him mad, or having him throw up on my keyboard, I will comply.

So no matter how bad your day is in life or writing, no quitting, you hear?? Good. Because the wonderful days make it all worth it, don't you think?

P.S. Jessie, thank you for the blog award, I will try to do it soon!


Jennie Bailey said...

Oh Sara did this post resonate with me! I'm having an inbetween day. Yesterday was a good day. Most of this month, though, have been bad days. It helps to read that others go through the same things. I'm blog reading during my 'lunch break' and then it's back to writing. I hope Son B feels better!

Melissa said...

How true. This is advice I needed because I've been using my not so good days as excuses not to write, to leave my manuscript in the corner and not touch it. I need to whip myself into shape.

Jemi Fraser said...

Good luck with the little guy - hope he's feeling better soon!

I love those writing days that flow - you look up and find you've written pages almost without conscious thought - so much fun!!

Bethany Elizabeth said...

Great advice - and it's so true. Not all days are lovely and perfect and magical. Sometimes it's absolute misery. But we gotta keep going. :)
And I hope your kid feels better soon. Being sick sucks. :(

Melody said...

Some days the writing flies, and sometimes it trudges. Been in both places. Yeah.