Monday, June 27, 2011

One day more

Only one more day until we meet our little girl! Because of my low blood pressure issues, I am being induced tomorrow morning (if she doesn't decide to surprise us in the next few hours, that is). I. Can't. Wait.

Yes, I know this means I am going to be having sleepless nights. But at least they'll be sleepless because I'm taking care of my baby instead of being woken up by acid reflux, or my heart racing because my BP is dropping again.

Yes, I know it means taking care of three kids, which is going to be an adjustment. But at least I will be able to walk around, and run and jump and play and drive a car and do anything I want to instead of being stuck in bed all day and night.

Yes, I know it means my writing time will become even harder to find. But at least I know I've made it work in the past with a newborn and I know I can and will make it work again.

I am beyond thrilled to NOT be pregnant, to NOT be on bed rest, and to hold my baby girl in my arms. Wish us luck!

What are your big plans this week?

(and p.s. anyone know how to make blogger give me back my followers widget thingy? It's been missing for a couple of weeks now...)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Random: it's the best I can do right now

Random thoughts for your general amusement and entertainment, courtesy of being stuck laying on my left side almost 24/7 for days and days and days...

When you can't do anything except lay there, you'd think you wouldn't get as hungry anymore or as often as when you were very active. You'd be wrong.

Also, you have a lot of time to contemplate what exactly you are craving and how badly you want (need) it right then. With no way of accomplishing the goal of getting it. Unless a very nice someone (generally SHH) acquiesces and gets it for you.

I can't wait to meet my baby girl!!

Running out of books that you haven't read yet when you can't go to the store or library for more = bad.

Did you know you can spend hours contemplating the merits and downfalls (literally) of taking a shower? "I'd really like to take a shower, but if I do, I might pass out. That would be bad. Not to mention embarrassing, who wants to be found drenched and naked, unconscious in their shower? But on the bright side, I haven't passed out yet, so I'd probably be okay. And then I'd be clean. Which is nice." I have scintillating conversations like these with myself all the time these days. It's what happens when you have no one else to talk to the majority of the time.

I keep daydreaming about being able to use my new double jogging stroller. Of course, by the time I can use it, it'll probably FINALLY be super hot. Hence making it miserable to try and go for walks or runs. But dream of it I still do. Going from working out an hour a day most days, and running crazy taking care of my kids, family, work, etc. to being completely sedentary 24/7 is not the easiest thing for me.

The angle of your open blinds really makes a difference on how hot your bedroom gets throughout the day. Also, it is not a good idea to open your window for fresh air when there is no screen on it, and your window is level with the ground. Glancing up to see a ginormous red spider running across the wall towards you does not equate with me continuing to lay on my side.

I can't wait to meet my baby girl!!

Yep, these and other exciting thoughts brought to you by The Days of Sara's Bedrest. Stay tuned for another gripping episode... whenever she decides she's bored enough to write another post like this. Unless the series gets cancelled (aka she has her baby), in which case we can all rejoice.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Five: Bedrest edition

Here's my limited observations and thoughts from a week of being stuck in bed:

1. Thank heavens for good books to distract me. This week was brought to you by Holly Black (RED GLOVE), Simone Elkeles (PERFECT CHEMISTRY), and I'm currently reading LOCK and KEY by Sarah Dessen.

2. Trying to work on revision notes while lying on your left side is really hard.

3. Typing while lying on your left side is really hard. Hence, I've been reading everyone's blogs, but unfortunately not always commenting if I've already been typing a lot on my mss that day.

4. Never, ever eat an entire Iceberg shake by yourself. I don't think I've consumed that much ice cream in the last two years combined. It was amazing, but yikes. I'm not feeling so good right now...

5. I am so grateful to my family and friends who have stepped in (and up) to help me during this time: taking care of my kids, cleaning, cooking, taking my BP, you name it. I can't thank you all enough. It's hard feeling like such a burden when I'm used to just pushing through and doing it all myself. Thank you, thank you.

So, tell me, how was your week? Any fun plans for the weekend? I'm hoping to have a baby, but we'll see how well that works out. ;)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Elana Johnson's signing!

I was lucky enough to attend the book launch/signing for Elana Johnson's POSSESSION last week at The King's English in Salt Lake City. Since I ended up in the ER the next day, and on bedrest since then (see last post), the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

Elana and me before her speech

I can't believe the crowd that was there--it was astounding! But then again, I shouldn't be surprised, since she is so amazing, and so well loved. It was a triumphant wonderful night for her, and I couldn't be happier for my friend!

Me and Natalie Whipple

I also got to see so many author friends, like Natalie It was such a fun night. :)

Stacey (MyPileofBooks) and me

Congrats again Elana! Wishing you tons of success in the months and years to come. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday... gratitude and I had no clue

So, yesterday was an, um, interesting day.

The "I had no clue" part: that you can have a blood pressure of 50/26 and still be alive. Did you know that? I even worked in the medical field and so does my mom, and she didn't really think you could be either.

The gratitude part: I am so grateful that I and my baby girl are both alive and healthy right now.

I spent the day in the ER because I was having chest pain yesterday morning. My doctor told me to go in to make sure it wasn't a blood clot. After quite a few tests, they found out there was no clot. But it was an absolute miracle that I was in the hospital at that time, because I ended up losing consciousness about midday and my blood pressure dropped to the aforementioned 50/27.

I started feeling weird, then it kept progressing until I felt like something was really wrong. Lightheaded, my limbs all felt heavy and shaky, I was out of breath, intense hot flashes (but was cold to the touch), etc. At the worst point, when my vision was going black and I could barely breathe, I heard my ER dr yell, "We're going to need help in here!" and then I don't remember much.

Another thing you don't want to see/hear (which I didn't, but SHH did, since I wasn't coherent) is one of the many doctors in the room pointing at the monitor above me and saying, "Is that real?" (Asking about the blood pressure reading.)

The great news is that I did revive, the baby was fine during the whole episode (her heart rate dropped a little bit but nothing significant), and I am back home on bed rest for now--on my left side. The only thing they could guess had happened is that reclining on my back or my right side (the two positions I was in before it happened) put the baby on my vena cava and cut off my blood return.

So here's my tie in to writing: Sometimes things happen in our books that we don't anticipate or want. A plot hole opens up it's gaping jaws. A character falls flat. The stack of cards we assemble collapse. We get frustrated, we get anxious, we have to figure out what went wrong and try to fix it. But sometimes, these problems end up being a blessing in disguise. Maybe they unmask a deeper problem with our manuscript that, once fixed, truly makes our story shine.

Did that tie in work? Sort of? Well, anyway, whether it did or not, I am glad to be okay. Let's hope I stay that way. Today was scary enough to last me a long time. I'm ready for a nice, smooth labor sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. Sounds good? I think so!

Why am I sharing this? Well, to get sympathy of course! No, just kidding. Actually, it's to let you all know that I may be more sporadic with my blogging until the baby gets here (when I'll be taking a break for a couple weeks). Between the bedrest while taking care of two young boys, trying to finish the revision I'm working on for my agent before the baby comes, and everything else, I'm a little overwhelmed. Also, it's much more difficult to type when you're forced to lay on your left side all the time than you might think. I'll do my best to keep up my schedule, but if I miss a time or two, I hope you'll understand.

So, did you all have a great week? I hope so. Happy weekend to everyone! I'll be wishing us all nice, normal blood pressures! ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm sure you already know and adore Elana Johnson. She's everywhere--she does so much for so many people. Her blog=amazing. Her accomplishments (querytracker, writeoncon, etc.)= astounding. And her book POSSESSION is finally here! WOOHOO!

I am so excited for you Elana, and just want to take the time to say


You rock and deserve all the good things coming your way.

Control or be controlled? That's the question! To find out, go out and get your copy today! I can't wait for the launch party tonight.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Vampires vs. Wizards

So, tell me, which one are you more excited about?


I'm excited for both, but I know which one I'm dying to see! To give you a hint... it's the one that comes out right after I'm having a baby so I can't go to the midnight show. I'm way bummed about that. Hopefully she's a good baby so we can sneak her in to see it on opening weekend or something! I can't wait!

What about you?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Five

Well, I'm back! Did you miss me? I missed keeping up with all of you. What happened while I was on my vacation? Fill me in! Here's a few things on my mind today:

1. This is a shot I took of my boys on Memorial Day at Manhattan Beach.

I want to go back. Really bad.

2. Also, I really love my boys. I am one lucky girl.

3. I have 4 weeks left at most until my little girl makes her big debut. I'm hoping it'll be closer to two weeks, but we'll see. Both of my boys came early, so there is a chance...

4. I finished DIVERGENT today and holy wow. SO good people. Go. Buy it. Read it. Call me so we can discuss.

5. I just realized I'm having a baby in less than a month. I'd better hurry and get some major writing time in before she comes, because I have a feeling it'll be slim pickin's for a few weeks at least. You never know though, those midnight feedings... maybe I can hold her in one arm and try to type with one hand? Ha ha.

What's on your mind today? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!