Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In which my brain is fried and I reveal things I might regret

So, let's just be honest right now. Multiple super long car rides + very little sleep + children + no food in the house = Fried Brain Syndrome. Hereafter known as FBS. In which I can't come up with a coherent blog post about writing.

Hence, instead I am going to ask all my shiny new followers that I've gotten in the past couple of months (and any of the old ones, too - you're also very shiny) if they have any questions they'd like me to answer? Yep, we're doing a good old Q&A. Ask me anything in the comments and I will answer them for you! (Okay, almost anything. Let's be honest here.) I'm not telling you about one of my most embarrasssing moments where I pretty much threw up on a guy who totally deserved it. He freakin' tried to kiss me after breaking up with me and I had the stomach flu at the time and was already on the verge. My eighteen-year-old self was mortified when I had to literally shove him away from me to hurl in the bushes. My twenty-seven-year old self laughs and thinks it would have been even more funny if I'd actually thrown up on him. I did tell him I didn't feel good and to stop it. Did he listen? Oh, no. I mean, HELLO! Why are you trying to kiss me after breaking up with me? But that still isn't a story I'd want to share. Oh... wait.

Okay, maybe I'll answer just about anything. So have at it!

(But be nice, did I mention I have FBS?) Or if you don't want to ask a question, tell me one of your most embarrassing moments! Can anyone top mine??


Kathryn Rose said...

I've checked out some of your older posts and I can't find anything on your progress towards getting an agent or writing your novel. Could you tell us more about that? :)

My most embarrassing moment? I don't think so. I've repressed that memory. ;)

Melissa said...

Hey Sarah.... my internet's been down but I know you went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter recently and I'm going in a couple of weeks... I was just wondering if you remembered how expensive things were in the gift shops? Like did you think it was ridiculously expensive or was it reasonable? If you could email me the answer I would REALLY appreciate it ( )

ummm. Okay. I wrote all the above before I read this post (sorry!) but I guess this is perfect timing! Could you just answer my question on the blog then? Also, I'd like to hear more about where you are in your journey as a writer.

(also, are you going to patent the title FBS because I rather like this syndrome.... :P)

Have a great day!

Carolyn V. said...

Favorite writing snack. Fess up Sara. What do you eat when you write. (Please don't tell me you snack, although you might not because you are so skinny.) =)

Janiel Miller said...

When do you do your best writing?

Laughed my head off over the vomitous break-up. My 46 year-old self would love to have been a fly on the wall for that. Bwa!

The Dixon Family said...

Somewhere in your future there must be a novel that could benefit from a throw up story. What other purpose could these horrible experiences serve?

I want to know how you are (present exhaustion excluded) and what type of book you are currently working on.)

Russo said...

Love the Fried Brain Syndrome, very witty!