Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Four or Five

1. Cancer sucks. I really hate it. My heart is breaking for sweet Brodi Ashton who just lost her incredible dad to cancer last night. Their family was so sweet and supportive and positive when we lost Josh, and I wish I could do something for them now. Please keep them in your prayers.

2. My son made me breakfast this morning! He's only six, but he heard me talking to his dad about how late I was up finishing my latest revisions, and then how Baby Girl kept waking up the rest of the night, and decided to surprise me. He made me toast and cereal. He said, "I know you were up with 'Baby Girl' a lot last night and I could tell you were exhausted, so I made you breakfast so you didn't have to worry about it." Moments like that truly make everything worth it.

3. I love downloading new music, whether it's to work out to or to write to, it doesn't matter. I get so excited to write again, or for my next workout with my new tunes. I just LOVE music. Any good songs I should know about right now that you're loving? Please share!

4. It's amazing how many things can be similar--running, writing, parenting, you name it. Anything that is worthwhile is usually a mixture of being extremely hard and extremely rewarding. Often the hard times are much more common and longer lasting than the rewarding moments, too. So why do we do these hard things? Because the rewards outweigh the difficulty of the tasks. The high of finishing a new manuscript, or (hopefully) nailing a revision... the sense of accomplishment in making yourself get up at 4 am, get to the race and finishing strong with a dead sprint... the joy of having your six-year-old surprise you with breakfast, or getting a surprise hug and an "I love you Mommy" from my three-year-old, or the big open mouth kisses from Baby Girl (often complete with an affectionate bite on the shoulder [yes she bites me when she's being super affectionate, I think she's part vampire. Good thing I didn't name her Renesmee])... Those rewards are worth any pain or struggle or frustration along the way. But you have to push through the hard times to get the rewards, right? That's the trick to life. Endure the trials to be able to enjoy the blessings.

I feel very blessed today.

How about you?


Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about Brodi's loss. Yes, cancer does suck. :(

Happy to hear your are experiencing some great rewards to all your hard work. You deserve it!

Janiel Miller said...

Lovely post. Wonderful insights-words to live by. And cancer does suck.
Your kids are adorable. I'm glad I got to met them in person last week.

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Beautiful post and thoughts, Sara. Being grateful for what we do have - even the smallest of blessings, is a huge deal.

Valerie said...

I am a runner, and I agree with your comparisons between running and writing. Challenging and rewarding. The hardest thing is that first step, or that first word. Great post!

Carolyn V said...

I totally agree with the running and writing too. It's all true. ;) Thanks for posting about Brodi. I hadn't heard. So sad.