Thursday, June 28, 2012

How did this happen?

I swear, I was in this state below (aka HUGELY PREGNANT) for approximately ten years with Baby Girl.
 It was the pregnancy that went on and on and on.
 Now I can barely believe that exactly one year ago, I started off the day looking like I did in that first picture, and ending it by staring into this beautiful face...
 And then I blinked and now she's 1!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???
 Having a girl has inspired me to new heights in crafty-cutesy-mommyness. (AKA, I actually tried to be crafty and cutesy at all. Because usually? Not so much. Not that my boys' parties weren't good... I just didn't put so much, um, "homemade" effort into them. Party stores were my friend. They're boys. Pretty sure they didn't care and never will that I didn't handmake their basketball or Tonka Truck birthday banners.) But I've been dreaming of Baby Girl's first birthday party for months. I knew I wanted to do butterflies as the theme, and I think it turned out about as well as I hoped! (And yes, I went blonde again for the first time in a really long time. SHH is the one that told my cute friend to make me "as blonde as you can." Still not sure if I'm going to leave it long-term. I kinda like me dark. But we'll see... Anyway. Random tangent there. Back to Baby Girl and the party of butterfly-epicosity.) (Yes, that's a word. Phrase? Something.)
 Look! I made and decorated a cake! This is almost earth-shattering enough to signal the end of the world as we know it.
 I made cute cupcake displays! (And my awesome sister helped by making the butterfly cupcake toppers. And the darling hat, too.)

 I pinned it so I did it.... Lanterns with butterflies, ceiling decorations, stringing balloons on thread (so not a great idea for an outdoor party btw). I loved how it turned out.
The girl of the hour, who daintily picked at her cake and spit it out when I tried to put some in her mouth.


Heh, just kidding. She usually loves sweet things, but for some reason, cake does not seem to be one of those things. She did the same thing in her cake smash photo shoot.

But even though she doesn't love cake, I still love her. Adore her. Am so incredibly grateful for the gift of having her in our family. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

(Yes, I know this post had nothing to do with writing. But she is so cute, I had to let you get a peak at her special day. And also, it gave me the chance to brag about my frawsome party throwing skillz. [ok, all you people out there who have incredible parties, no laughing at me. I mean, I DECORATED a CAKE. That's a big deal for me, people. Anyway. That's all.])

Happy almost weekend! Anyone want a cupcake?


Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Oh my word, what a stunning little sweetie! Happy, happy birthday to her. And what a marvelous job you did on her party. She'll look back and know what a caring, creative mommy she's always had. Well done!! That cake is gorgeous. My Little Bean's first birthday was also butterfly themed :D

Michelle D. Argyle said...

So, so cute! And congrats on the party! It turned out beautifully!

Jacqueline Howett said...

Hi Sarah! She has a beautiful smile:)

You're so lucky to be blessed with such a wonder.

What a lovely party gathering.

Here's a big Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend!

Jennie Bailey said...

Holy cow, Sara - that year just flew!! I can't believe you made that cake. And the cupcakes are perfect! You rocked it. I wish I could be that inspired to make stuff. Although, maybe it's a good thing I'm not given my sweet tooth...She's absolutely beautiful, which is no surprise since she comes from good "stock." ;-)

DL Hammons said...

Actually this post is about writing. When we write about the things we are most passionate about, our words can't help but convey that emotion within us. They almost tingle with excitement. Finding a way to bottle that up and utilize it with our fiction...a special gift!

You definitely have a cutie there! :)

Kathryn Purdie said...

Wow. Can I hire you to do my daughter's 4th birthday party next month? ;-) Seriously, though, you did an awesomely crafty and adorable job, and your daughter is a doll! <3

Carolyn V said...

Aw! She's adorable! Looks like she had a great b-day! ;)

Unknown said... sweet!! Time just goes faster and faster until it's a blur. My baby girl is in NYC with four friends on an after grad trip...gah!!

Claire Hennessy said...

Well I, for one, am hugely impressed by your cake decorating skills being one of those who just slaps candy all over my monstrosities! Your daughter (and you, btw) look gorgeous. Glad she had a great birthday. Girls are so much fun ... until they get to be teenagers!!