Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Can you even believe 2013 is almost over? I honestly am in shock, as I look at the date. December 20. Christmas is almost here, and before I know it, DEFY is going to be out in the world. Just over 2 weeks left.

I love this time of year, it's honestly my favorite season (even though I prefer summer to winter). I just love Christmas and all that it brings and stands for. I love how everyone tries to be a little bit kinder, a little bit more aware of those around them. I love the music. I love that it brings family and friends together. I love the lights. I love that we get to reflect on what's truly important in our lives, and our faith.

I am so incredibly grateful for all of the blessings in my life. I could make a big long list of what that includes, but I don't want to bore you. Yaddy-yaddy-my husband is amazing, my kids are cute-blah-blah. (But just to be clear, my husband is amazing and my kids are pretty dang cute.)

This has been quite the year, and I am so excited for everything that 2014 holds in store. I'll still be around online during the break (and don't forget to watch for the DEFY blog tour that Rock Star Book Tours is hosting!!), but I probably won't blog again until the new year.

Did I mention DEFY comes out in just over 2 WEEKS?!?!?!

Don't forget--if you've pre-ordered DEFY (or if you do anytime before Jan. 7), hop over and enter my Pre-Order THANK YOU contest!!!! CLICK HERE. It's super easy, all you have to do is leave a comment saying you pre-ordered and where. If you're hoping to nab a signed copy, my local indie The King's English will ship you a signed copy if you pre-order (or order) a copy from them, so keep that in mind!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and enjoy these last two weeks to 2013! I will be back on the flip side to celebrate a new year and the release of DEFY!!!!


Kathryn Purdie said... DEFY coming out in just over two weeks?!!!

Haha, but in all seriousness, DEFY IS COMING OUT IN JUST OVER TWO WEEKS! Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my, am I excited!

Merry Christmas, Sara! Thanks for being such a fantastic friend. <3

ilima said...

Super exciting!!! Merry Christmas.

Book Blondie said...

Just finished your book and loved it! I can't wait for the next book to come out! Its killing me that I have to wait two years.

Russo said...

I was so excited about your book release I wrote about it in a blog post. I'm so happy for you and I am rooting you on all the way!