Thursday, April 10, 2014

School Visits + Do you Skype?

**I am scheduling school visits for Fall 2014 right now!**

And I have to admit, I really love doing school visits! I love that interaction with the librarians, students, and teachers.

So if you're interested in having me come, let me know! (or email Antonio at Scholastic--info below.) For the first 10 schools who schedule an in-person visit for the end of this year or next fall, I am offering a special rate. Email for details!

But I know that sometimes it's easier (or more affordable) for a school to do a "virtual" school visit through Skype, rather than an in-person visit.

So, right now I'm offering a special--if you book a Skype visit anytime for the rest of this year, or for Fall 2014, I'm willing to do it for free! Let me know or email Antonio (at Scholastic) to get the details and help set it up:

If you're interested in this opportunity (it won't last too long!) or in scheduling an in person visit, let me know!

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Mrs.Kelly said...

Hey! I responded to your tweet last week and you said that you would be interested visiting with my classroom via Skype. I emailed Antonio a few days ago, but I didn't receive a response. Just wanted to be sure we were on the list. I have some very excited students (and teacher)! :-)
Jenn Kelly