Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DEFY Fan Art Contest Winners!

It's 3 WEEKS until IGNITE comes out!!! WHAT THE?!?! I can't believe it's almost here! And guess what showed up today??

My finished hardcover!!! OH. MY. GOSH. It is GORGEOUS. Even more gorgeous than I anticipated. It's seriously just stunning. I'm not even kidding. Wait until you see it in person. Pictures can't do it justice. And the inside flap! And the bow and arrow on the actual hardcover! So many details I just adore! Scholastic has truly outdone themselves. If you don't believe me, read what David Levithan wrote about it on my Facebook post:

David Levithan As someone who has his own copy, I can independently confirm IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR. Congrats!!!



What was I saying? Oh yeah! If you have pre-ordered (or decide to before Dec. 30th), make sure and enter the pre-order contest for your chance to win a DEFY dagger necklace just like mine! CLICK HERE for details or to enter!!

But, enough of that! Let's get on with announcing the winners!

You guys are so amazingly talented, you made this so hard on me! I loved all of the entries so much I couldn't decide on my own. So I assembled a panel of judges including other authors, my family members, and some friends who are avid readers to decide on a winner. And then THEY had a hard time, too!

So, I've decided to do something extra special. My judges were split on who they felt should win, so I'm going to call it a tie and give away TWO signed ARCs of IGNITE! PLUS I'm going to award signed swag to 2 runners-up who had amazing entries that also got a lot of votes!

That makes FOUR winners! WOOHOO!!!

So without further suspense, here are your winners:

Runner - Up #1  --- Signed Swag pack

Kathy and her DEFY Mood Board! I can't post a pic of it here, but here's a link to the blog post she did with the very cool mood board! I love the pictures and colors she chose!  http://mynookbooksnmore.com/2014/11/bookish-mood-board-defy.html

Runner - Up #2 -- Signed Swag Pack

Mandy_T for her construction paper dagger:

 How cool is that?? And I just love the quote she picked. A truly fabulous entry!

Enjoy your swag packs and thank you for your entries!! I hope you both enjoy IGNITE when it comes out!

And now, on to the winners!

 Amber with her DEFY cake! She made a DEFY dagger out of fondant! How awesome is that? (Plus how yummy! Wish I could have tasted it!) Congrats Amber!!

And WINNER #2:

MontanaSky with her stunning drawing of Alexa when she startles the Macaws! Such beautiful detail and stunning color! So, so amazing. Congrats to you as well!

SEE HOW HARD THIS WAS?! Everyone is so talented, thank you ALL for entering and congrats to the winners!

All four winners, please email or message me your mailing address and I will send out your prizes as soon as possible!!



Amber said...

Oh, thank you Sara and judges for picking my Defy Cake! I had so much fun making (and eating) it! :) I am delighted to know Ignite is coming my way!!!!!!

Amber said...

And a BIG congrats to the other winners! You are all immensely talented!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Sara and the judges!! All the winners are amazing, so thank you for selecting my Mood Board!! Thank you for the signed swag pack! I love this series and I can't wait to read Ignite!

Amanda said...

Congrats to all the winners and thank you Sara for this fun giveaway!
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