Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Five: the hair, goals, JK Rowling and more edition

1. Okay, some of you wanted to see a few examples of my changing hair styles, well... here you go! (I won't be offended if you don't, feel free to scroll down to the rest of my random thoughts.)

I only went back about two and a half years, because this is going to be "pictures of Sara's hair" overload. Just warning you. That's why I added some with my boys, they are waaay cuter than I am. And SHH is waaay hotter than me. So, yep. (SHH, for those who missed that post, is "Super Hot Hubby.")

Here we go (and I skipped quite a few stages, that were different, but not drastically) :

March 08: natural color (almost), side bangs, pretty long!

September 08 (22 or 23 weeks pregnant, hence the strange pose hehe): highlights, LOTS of bangs, cut off about 4-5 inches.

October 08: cut off even more, darkened the highlights (often when I change my hair, I take "new hair" pictures to send to friends/family because they're always afraid--ahem, I mean EXCITED -- to see what I've done...)

December 08 (month before I had my second son): totally darkened it, with some red highlights, minimized the side bangs, just a trim since I didn't want to change too many things right before the hormonal craziness of having a baby.

March 09 (two months after baby): went WAY dark, no red. Almost black. This picture doesn't do it justice, but I wanted to post it because I have an exciting #2 thought that pertains to this photo. So the montage isn't over but:

2. I am with some of my friends at Julie Berry's signing at TKE in this picture. The exciting news, is that her new book SECONDHAND CHARM and her "boy books" THE SPLURCH ACADEMY just released, and she's coming back to UT for some more signings! Come out and support her. She is the most wonderful, kind-hearted person and SO talented. I loved THE AMARANTH ENCHANTMENT, and can't wait for her new book. I'm also going to get THE SPLURCH ACADEMY books for my boys. Yay! The signing at The King's English in SLC is on October 20, so don't miss it!

Okay, back to pics...

A little bit better shot of how dark it was, plus it shows my natural curl. And also, isn't my baby so cute? (He's 2 months old. I can't believe he's going to be 2 in January! Where did that time go??)

Summer 09: (I got professional shots done by my amazing friend/aspiring author/incredible photographer Erin Summerill at our critique group). My husband said if we're going to pay for me to get my hair done, I should do something drastic. So, I did! I hadn't cut my hair this short since third grade (because I hated it back then). But I kept toying with the idea and finally just went for it! It was a fun change, but I decided I didn't love my curly hair short. When it was straight I liked it more, but I still decided to grow it out. I also hadn't been this blond in a long time. The shadowbox was fun (light on top, dark underneath) and I kept it in varying degrees of lightness on top for over a year.

September 09: I started growing it back out and darkened the blond a little bit.

Spring 2010: Another awesome picture by Erin Summerill. My hair is getting longer and darker again...

My newest "professional shot" taken by my insanely talented hubby in August. A little longer, a little darker...

Present 'do: cut straight bangs, all over dark again, still letting it grow out.

So there you go! I change my hair a lot, huh? But it's fun.

3. I want to be J.K. Rowling. Or just steal her brain. Or at least her writing skills. It would be my dream come true to meet her. I think she's a genius. Watching her on Oprah only made me want to meet her even more. I think we could be best friends. Really, I do. Okay, not really. That makes me sound like a stalker, and I can't even afford a ticket to Edinburgh, so no worries Jo. You're safe for now. But, I do think you're amazing and I can only hope to have 1/10 of the talent you have someday...

4. I am running my first 10k tomorrow morning. My training hit a few snags (those lame heart troubles, my running partner [my cute mama] fell during one of our runs and hurt her knee and couldn't run for a couple of weeks, etc.), but I'm determined to do it and finish the race, and so is she. I will definitely not be vying for the top spot, but I'm excited to accomplish this goal. Many times life is like that, isn't it? We set a goal (or dream) and start on the path to accomplish it. We may think we're going to cross that line first, but hit some bumps on the road. Or major cliffs. You just never know. But as long as you keep going and reach that goal, does it really matter if you were first? As long as we finish with dignity and a sense of accomplishment, that's what counts, right?

5. I love fall! Curling up with an awesome book (or a laptop to keep writing what I hope will become an awesome book), a mug of hot cocoa, and a fire crackling behind the glass cover on the fireplace as the gas feeds it instead of wood... ah, a perfect evening at home on a crisp fall night. Except, I wouldn't mind a real fireplace, but hey, they're messy and who can beat the ease of flipping a switch to get fire? We finally got some real fall weather this week, and I'm loving it. I actually got to wear a sweater today! Now I just hope the fall weather can last, and not nosedive right into winter.

What are your thoughts on this beautiful, fall Friday?


Carolyn V. said...

Good luck with your 10k!!! I was starting to train for one when I injured my knee. Maybe next year.

I love your hair pics, especially the one your hubby took. Amazing.

Have a great weekend Sara!

Stina said...

Good luck with the run!

Your hair has changed more than mine has. I didn't think that was possible. :D

Unknown said...

Loved all your hair shots. I was red for a lot of years and then brunette (closer to my natural color) and now, apparently, I'm blond. It's still weird for me to hear people describe me like that.

Bast said...

My favorite hair is October 08.

I'm the same as you. I change my hair style and color way too often. I just get bored with it. As a new exciting thing, I'm thinking of actually shaving my head bald for Halloween -- I've been every color; there's nothing left.

Janiel Miller said...

I love the hair pics - especially the last. Beautiful. And your hub is a fine photographer. I've always been hair-a.d.d.. But its so short now, I need to find a way to change it up.

Agree on the JK Rowling bit. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to pour a bit of her brain into your head. Yeah.

Love the conversational tone of your posts. :)

Colene Murphy said...

You are so darn cute! And So are all your hair styles (and family! just a cute bunch)

You and me both, about J.K.Rowling. I could die happy just to meet her. She's amazing.

Good luck on the 10k!

Sara B. Larson said...

Thanks everyone, for the nice comments on my hair and the well wishes for the 10k! I really appreciate them all. :D

Anonymous said...

Great hair, Sara! Good luck on the 10K tomorrow! (p.s. Your hubby DID take a killer pic!)

Russo said...

Darling pics, girl. LOVE the hair! And JK Rowling better watch herself because you are now in the book world!

DL Hammons said...

Is it even possible for you to have a BAD look? I hope you did as well as you hoped with the 10K. :)

Lola Sharp said...

Oh, I'm sorry to be so late to this post...I voted for this post, and I've been so locked away in revision hell, I missed it. (I scrolled straight down to it, so I don't yet know how you did w/ the 10 K...I'll comment on that post, assuming there is one, after I'm done with this one. I hope your heart is okay.)

LOVE all the hair styles. (Dude, when you're max pregnant you don't even look pregnant. I looked like a whale when I was 8 months pregnant. My face and hands were swollen. Not cute. You were cute.)
Husband did a great job with your August shot.

As for JKR, I've seen the grad speech she gave, but other than that I'd never seen her talk, any interviews with her, or read much about her. I had only a small bit of prior knowledge on her bio (lots of author friends are fangirls of her, so I picked up the basics by proxy)...but watching her on Oprah I fell in love with her! I found her so honest, thoughtful, genuine, pleasant and lovely. (Oprah got on my last nerve... she kept interrupting Jo.) Anyway, I totes get your girl-crush on her. (and her shoes were YUMMY. I loves me some CLs!)

And last, October is one of my favorite months. I love fall too. :)