Monday, October 11, 2010

Goal: accomplished!

There's nothing quite like setting a really hard goal, and then actually accomplishing it. I know a 10k wouldn't be very hard for quite a few people out there. But for me? It was a Big Deal. I've never really ran more than maybe 2 consecutive miles in my life before. I've done hard classes at the gym and things like that, but for some reason, running outside has always been incredibly hard for me. Part of it is my bad knee (I had major surgery when I was 16), so I used that as an excuse and never pushed myself.

Well, last weekend, I finished my first 10k -- 6.2 miles! (Actually, they messed up and it was actually 7.2 miles apparently!) Was it hard? Yes. Did I contemplate quitting during the training? A few times. But I didn't. And now I accomplished that goal, and I'm thinking about setting another, bigger one... like a half marathon. We'll see!

How many of us short-change ourselves, because we're afraid? Or don't think we can do it? Or use excuses to keep us from pushing ourselves? In the publishing world, there are going to be lots of ups and downs. (For most of us anyway.) You have to find the willpower and determination to push through the hard times, to not let your "bad knee" be the excuse that keeps you from becoming better, stronger, and accomplishing your goals. So much of anything in this life is mental--the power of our mind is immense. Believe you can, and you will. Continue to write and query and revise and write and query, and you will get that agent. (Even if it takes 2 and a half years like me!) Force yourself out of bed, push yourself on distance, on getting past the pain and exhaustion, and you'll finish that race.

I'm living proof!

Right before the last turn to the finish line! (SHH and my boys were there to support me... and document it.)

Me, my aunt DiAnne, and my mom right after the race - the 10k girls! :)

Signing my contract with my agent last April!


Unknown said...

Wow Congrats. It makes me want to get up off the chair and go running. It's an addictive sport. My husband is an avid runner and one Cranky *%? if he doesn't get his 7 miles in every day. Something to do with the endorphins running releases . . . or so he says.

Bast said...

Congrats! I've often though myself of running and doing something like this.

Love the last pic of you signing your contract!

Shallee said...

Congrats on finishing your race! And thanks for the encouragement. :)

Colene Murphy said...

WOW! Congrats! That is amazing! (and makes me ashamed I skipped my hour walk yesterday.)

Crazy awesome pic signing your contract too! Wow. You're just full of wow today.

Carolyn V. said...

Awesome Sara!!! I love the pictures. Love the encouragement.

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Truly inspiring!

Belle Wong said...

Congratulations! Love the analogy to the publishing world - very inspiring.

Guinevere said...

Congrats! I'm glad you enjoyed your first 10k - I love running. Love the connection back to writing and publishing, too.

Sara B. Larson said...

Trisha - I don't know that I'm addicted yet, but I am really beginning to enjoy it. Usually. ;)

Quinn - Thank you! The day I signed my contract was totally surreal.

Shallee - Thank you, and you're welcome!

Colleen - Thank you, I'm all about the WOW factor. Ha ha. ;)

Carolyn - Thank you, I'm glad it was encouraging.

Elle, Belle, and Guinevere (those three names are all so beautiful, I should write a book with three sisters... okay, off track) - thank you all so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the analogy and found it inspiring. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Sara--on both the 10 K and your determination!

Jennie Bailey said...

Congratulations! That is such a great accomplishment - especially when you wanted to quit during training. Great picture of you signing your contract - I swear you don't ever take a bad picture! You really should model. Although you're busy enough without adding that to your plate.

Talei said...

Congrats on your 10k run!!! That's awesome! And I love your advice, I will keep writing my WIP and honing it.

And like many others have said, I love the pic of you signing your contract with your agent! Inspirational stuff! ;)

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

That's freaking fantastic, Sara!! Congratulations! I've never run more than a couple miles. Perhaps I'm not pushing myself enough. Such great determination. Can't help but succeed!

ali cross said...

I loved the pics! How cool to share that accomplishment with your mom and aunt.

And I loved your analogy. It's funny to me that you posted this because I've been thinking about it lately. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Okay, so that's cool and all, and yes it's a real thing, but come on. At what point do I stop using those titles as an excuse to get out of doing hard things? Recently I talked with an amazingly accomplished athlete and she has chronic fatigue. Blew me away. Here I am, sitting on my duff because "I don't feel well," or "I'm just soooo tired."

Uh, yeah. Maybe those aren't such good excuses after all.

Same goes with all the writing stuff. So you've blown my mind tonight and I'm gonna have to think, think, think, how I can fix things in my life.

Sara B. Larson said...

Ali - wow, that would be so hard to deal with. I can't believe my post inspired you, it's you who inspire me. You do so much. That's amazing. I hope you can accomplish everything you want to. :)

L.T. - thank you so much!

Carol - I'm not going to lie, it was hard to get past 2 miles. (my life-long comfort zone) But I did it. I'll bet you can, too!

Talei - Thank you! And good luck with your WIP!

Jennie - oh, trust me, I take plenty of bad pictures. I just don't post them for the whole world to see for a reason. Ha ha!

Lola Sharp said...

CONGRATS!☆ A 10 K is a real accomplishment. (especially if they -oops!- tacked on an extra mile) I LOVE that your mom and aunt trained and did it with you. Yay mom!
I'm a definite 2-3 mile on the treadmill lazy runner.
How long did it take you to train for it? Did you read up on how to best do so?

Love the shirt you're working' when your signing your contract. :) And nice comparison of the two goals met.