Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Five (and last chance!)

1. Today is your last chance to enter my blogiversary/300 follower giveaway where you get to name your own prize. Make sure and click HERE to enter if you haven't already. All you have to do is comment and tell me what you would want to win if you get picked. 2. Since I finished my WIP, I had to catch up on my other job this last week. I work from home, cutting/gluing/etc a gazillion preschool projects every month, and it's pretty boring. So I watch TV or movies to occupy the time. I can't exactly write or read and wield scissors unfortunately. However, that means I also caught up on a few other things... like: Love this show. Love everything about it. I still have an episode or two to go to be all the way caught up, so don't tell me. ;)
Ah, hello there McDreamy. I do adore you. Except that last episode? Glee's Anatomy? Oh my heavens. That did NOT work. Abort! Abort!
The new man in my life, who is very close to ousting Mr. Darcy from his place of honor. They are at least tied. I give you: Mr. Thornton.
And YES!!! they actually kiss in this movie. And Oh. My. Word. Was it ever amazing. I almost think the moment when he puts his hand on hers is almost more breathtaking than the actual kiss. Almost. That whole scene was just... perfect.
In case you have no clue what I'm talking about, I stayed up until 1 am watching this last night. LOVE it.

That was a long #2, so let's make it #3 and #4 shall we?

So finally, #5. I used to be able to stay up until 1 am to write no problem. Even when I was pregnant with SonB. But this pregnancy is kicking my butt I guess. I'm tired. I'm in pain. I'm craving sugar like it's oxygen. But despite all that, I am so grateful for this new baby that's coming. Pregnancy is such an amazing miracle (albeit an uncomfortable one), that I am grateful for every day. I don't take it for granted--you can't when it's hard to get and stay pregnant. When I feel her moving, or when I think about holding her in my arms this summer... it is all worth it. Every bit. Also, I better get used to being tired, because sleep deprivation? Here I come. Oh baby. Literally.

What's on your mind today?

(P.S. I'll post the winner on Monday!)


Matthew MacNish said...

On my mind right now? Lunch. I'm hungry.

Cristin Terrill said...

Yay, you watched North and South!! Were we right or were we right, best kiss scene ever? The way his lip quivers in between kisses, man, that kills me. I love that mini-series.

Shari said...

Great Friday Five, Sara. I haven't seen North and South. I've been a little obsessed with Prison Break lately (thank you Netflix). I want to hold your baby this summer, too. I LOVE babies!

Ruth Josse said...

Mr. Thorton. Sigh. That moment really is the best ever. I now have a big decision to make. Write during my son's naptime or watch North & South?

Janiel Miller said...

Lovely post. Especially your yearning to hold your new baby. How sweet and wonderful!

And Oh Yeah. Richard Armitage shoves Colin Firth right off the screen with this final reconciliation/kiss scene. He pushes everyone off. *sigh* How many times did you watch that scene, hmm?


Stina said...

Man I miss watching Grey's Anatomy. Life's not the same without McDreamy. ;)

Unknown said...

North and South. I haven't seen that in probably fifteen years. If I remember correctly, it is and incredibly looooooong movie.

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

I've never seen North & South, but definitely looks dreamy! I can't believe I haven't seen it.

Hope you get some energy soon, dearie. It's so tough to be pregnant sometimes. With my last one, I could barely stay awake pretty much always. And I had such a sweet tooth too!!! Maybe it's a girl baby thing? I could've tanked down a bottle of maple syrup if I'd had any less restraint. Hang in there, sweet. Savor every minute. It'll be over before you know it.

Trudy said...

Oh Trisha, in case you have not been enlightened yet. The North and South of which we speak and swoon over is not the same mini-series about the Civil War from the 1980's. Oh no, not at all.
It is every warm-blooded girl's obligation to tell all her friends to watch the BBC's adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's great love story, "North and South."
Best screen kiss ever. Ever.
This mini-series made me become an author.
Oh, and read the original book by Gaskell. Thornton's angst is written in detail. It's so much more passionate than P&P.