Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Writing has now REPLACED exercise

Remember my last post where I explained how writing is like exercising? If not, you can read it below this one or by clicking HERE. Well, now writing has literally taken the place of exercising for me. At least, some of the time.

And considering I'm supposed to be running a half marathon again in a few weeks, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Heh.

Anyway, SHH has started leaving for work super early in the morning, which means I can't go to my early morning classes at the gym anymore. And every day I keep thinking, I should get up and write if I can't go work out. Think about how much happier I'll be if I get some writing done BEFORE the kids get up. Otherwise, all my ideas for this new book swirl around in my head all morning, distracting me from being the best mom I can be, because all I want to do is go WRITE IT ALL DOWN.

So today, after Baby Girl woke me up at 6:20 to nurse, I got her back to sleep and then I stayed up. I got out my laptop and ipod and I wrote. Five shiny new pages by 7:20 am. I'm pretty excited about it! So maybe this will be my new morning workout--for my brain and fingers, instead of my heart and muscles.

And hopefully I can sneak in some REAL exercise, too, because let's face it, I need it for my mental AND physical health. And also those 13.1 miles I'm supposed to be running at the end of the month. Oh dear.


Unknown said...

Congrats on getting those pages written--whenever you can get it done!

DL Hammons said...

YAY!!!! Awesome news! Be careful that you don't swing too far, because as you pointed out exercise is an important part of keeping that creative energy flowing as well!


Elana Johnson said...

This is so true! The more you "exercise" the better you feel about things. Good luck with both writing and running.

Carolyn V said...

Wow! Good luck on the running Sara! I have to get the writing done when the kids are at school, or I don't get anything done when they are here. It's too noisy. ;)