Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Am I weird?

I actually enjoy speaking. I don't mean just talking to my friends or family (although that's fun, too). I mean talking in front of people. Yes, I mean... public speaking. Gasp! I know most people dread it. Some people actually pass out from it, so I hear. Am I totally weird that I enjoy it? Maybe it stems from the times when I've had the opportunity to listen to a truly amazing speaker, and felt so motivated and excited that I wanted to go out and conquer the world. Or at least accomplish my next goal. But instead of just thinking, wow, was awesome. I think, Wow, I hope I can be the person up there giving an amazing speech like that someday! I don't think I am that person yet, but I love to challenge myself and try and learn. I take notes and pay attention to what great speakers do that make me love to listen to them. Then I try to emulate it. To my mirror. Or my husband. Or just in my head. I've spoken in church before, and at a business meeting a few times; but overall, I haven't had too many opportunities to do it.

So why am I blogging about this? (Still on my MIL's computer while son #1 is at preschool, because we're still moving, and I still don't have internet, I might add...)

I am going to be doing my first "speaking engagement" as an "author" this Saturday morning! I use the terms "speaking engagement" and "author" loosely, since really I've only been asked to take 5-10 minutes to talk about my journey to getting an agent, and I'm not published yet... but I'm still thrilled! It's at the American Fork Arts Council Writer's Conference, and I've got some great ideas of what I could do in my limited time. I want to make those five minutes amazing. (ha ha, we'll see how well I pull that off...)

But I'd like to hear from you: if you were in the audience, would rather hear about the actual physical account of what I went through to get an agent? (How long it's been, how many queries I sent off, etc. etc.); or would you rather hear more about the emotional journey--what kept me going, what my advice is to struggling authors, etc.?

Wish me luck! Hopefully those nerves everyone talks about won't make a sudden arrival in my stomach on Saturday...


Unknown said...


As someone who WILL be in the audience (and cheering you on of course) I think the thing I would want to hear most is probably what hopeful writers want to hear - what keeps the fire burning when no one but you is adding fuel?

You'll do great! Best of luck! And happy editing, too.


Carolyn V. said...

Woo hoo! You can do it Sara! I wish I could be there to support you. Let us know how it goes! =)

Elana Johnson said...

Oh, man, I wish I had some of your enthusiasm for public speaking. I'm actually very good with kids and I know how to command a room. But adults terrify me to no end.

Good luck on Saturday! I'm diving into the public speaking on Friday and Saturday this week. *quaking*

Aubrey said...

I think a combo of both topics would work. I guess in my head you can't really fully express the emotional aspect of it all without talking about the physical process.

I'm excited!

Sara B. Larson said...

Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions. Hopefully I'll do okay... ha ha, we'll see! ;-)