Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Ramblings...

Mother's Day was awesome! Thank you to my sweet boys for making it a special day that started with breakfast and earrings (from Son A who turned 5 on Saturday!), and ended with an amazing pedicure/massage (the homemade variety) with candlelight and a space heater so I didn't get cold! I felt very loved. Hope everyone had a nice day!

Saturday: Son A turned 5. He was actually born on Mother's Day 5 years ago. The weather was not quite the 70 degree partly cloudy day we'd been foretold (don't trust the weatherman!) but it was in the low sixties and nice enough. I hope he really enjoyed his big party since he gets to share his birthday with Mother's Day again next year! ;-) (I'm sure he'll still get a party)

Still waiting for my second (and *crossing fingers* final) revisions from my agent. She got sick last week and so they got delayed. I should have them today. The stomach flu seriously sucks and I'm glad she's feeling better.

We're almost to 40 followers (woot!) but that's still short of either goal needed for me to do the giveaway. Please tweet, blog, or FB about the contest and get us to at least 60 followers before Thursday so I can pick a winner for a signed copy of WINGS (paperback). If you lovely, wonderful readers can work a miracle and get me to 100 before Thursday I can do the bigger giveaway -- a signed, hardback copy of SPELLS! Can we do it??

I love meeting awesome people. Today I got to meet and have lunch with Elana Johnson and she is just the total definition of awesome. As is Carolyn Vawdrey who also came. Thanks for a great time ladies!

I have to take my DH to the airport so he doesn't miss his flight to Albuquerque, so this is going to have to be short. Sorry! Happy Monday!

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