Friday, May 14, 2010

What I learned...

I was lucky enough to go to Aprilynne Pike's book signing for SPELLS at The King's English in SLC, UT last night. Her story is very inspiring; she worked hard to get an agent and get published. She even worked hard after getting the agent, continuing to write new books and fighting to get published. (Her first book didn't sell, which some of you may or may not know.) If you don't already follow her blog you totally should. Click here and check it out! So here's a few things I was either reminded of or learned last night:

* When you reach rock bottom, sometimes that's when the breakthrough finally happens.

*Don't ever give up. Keep writing, keep believing. And listen to your critique partners!

* Write what you love (she's always loved fairies, but never thought about writing a book about fairies until her other book didn't sell and she was wracking her brain for another idea)

* She apparently loves the name Sara. (This is what she told me, I'm not making it up!) She said she's had a Sara of some sort in every book she's ever written: Sara, Sarah, Sera, etc. Did I mention that she has fabulous taste in names? ;-)

* If you're already tall, you probably shouldn't wear heels to book signings--whether you are the author or the person getting her book signed. However, Aprilynne told me she was thrilled to take a picture with someone who was actually taller than her (because I did wear heels). He he. ;)
SPELLS debuted at #4 on the NYTimes Bestseller list. Woohoo! I can't wait to read it...

So, here's my question: if you could go to any author signing this year, who would it be and why? My list is really long, so if you're like me, just throw them in a hat and pick one. Or two. Or you can tell me the whole list if you really want. :-D

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Aprilynne would be my first choice. But unless she comes to Scotland I won't be meeting here. Ugh.We never have any good signings here. It's not a big thing across the pond. Such a shame.

I can't believe you've not read Spells yet?! It is amazing! Love the love triangle, my favorite of ALL time. Team Tamani forever!!