Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday... gratitude and I had no clue

So, yesterday was an, um, interesting day.

The "I had no clue" part: that you can have a blood pressure of 50/26 and still be alive. Did you know that? I even worked in the medical field and so does my mom, and she didn't really think you could be either.

The gratitude part: I am so grateful that I and my baby girl are both alive and healthy right now.

I spent the day in the ER because I was having chest pain yesterday morning. My doctor told me to go in to make sure it wasn't a blood clot. After quite a few tests, they found out there was no clot. But it was an absolute miracle that I was in the hospital at that time, because I ended up losing consciousness about midday and my blood pressure dropped to the aforementioned 50/27.

I started feeling weird, then it kept progressing until I felt like something was really wrong. Lightheaded, my limbs all felt heavy and shaky, I was out of breath, intense hot flashes (but was cold to the touch), etc. At the worst point, when my vision was going black and I could barely breathe, I heard my ER dr yell, "We're going to need help in here!" and then I don't remember much.

Another thing you don't want to see/hear (which I didn't, but SHH did, since I wasn't coherent) is one of the many doctors in the room pointing at the monitor above me and saying, "Is that real?" (Asking about the blood pressure reading.)

The great news is that I did revive, the baby was fine during the whole episode (her heart rate dropped a little bit but nothing significant), and I am back home on bed rest for now--on my left side. The only thing they could guess had happened is that reclining on my back or my right side (the two positions I was in before it happened) put the baby on my vena cava and cut off my blood return.

So here's my tie in to writing: Sometimes things happen in our books that we don't anticipate or want. A plot hole opens up it's gaping jaws. A character falls flat. The stack of cards we assemble collapse. We get frustrated, we get anxious, we have to figure out what went wrong and try to fix it. But sometimes, these problems end up being a blessing in disguise. Maybe they unmask a deeper problem with our manuscript that, once fixed, truly makes our story shine.

Did that tie in work? Sort of? Well, anyway, whether it did or not, I am glad to be okay. Let's hope I stay that way. Today was scary enough to last me a long time. I'm ready for a nice, smooth labor sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. Sounds good? I think so!

Why am I sharing this? Well, to get sympathy of course! No, just kidding. Actually, it's to let you all know that I may be more sporadic with my blogging until the baby gets here (when I'll be taking a break for a couple weeks). Between the bedrest while taking care of two young boys, trying to finish the revision I'm working on for my agent before the baby comes, and everything else, I'm a little overwhelmed. Also, it's much more difficult to type when you're forced to lay on your left side all the time than you might think. I'll do my best to keep up my schedule, but if I miss a time or two, I hope you'll understand.

So, did you all have a great week? I hope so. Happy weekend to everyone! I'll be wishing us all nice, normal blood pressures! ;)


Caroline Starr Rose said...

My gosh! I'm so glad you are okay (and baby, too).

Aubrey said...

I am so so so glad you are okay! Get some rest and hang in there!

Meredith said...

Oh my gosh! What a horrific day! I'm so happy to hear that you and baby are okay. Wow, you've certainly got your hands full right now. I hope the baby delivery is smooth and that you enjoy your baby girl and have a great time writing! I hope everything will be easier for you soon. :)


Ashley Rae said...

Oh my word... how scary :( I am SO glad that you and baby are both fine. What a terrifying episode. Please don't go through that again. lol

Unknown said...

First, I'm so glad you're all right-quite the scare.
Second, you don't have to tie everything that happens in your life to writing. Really.

Third, take all the rest you need. I know it's hard with two little ones running around. I had to bed rest with my last two, and with my daughter I had three boys under six. (thank God for mothers) I hope you have enough helpers.
Have a safe restful weekend!

DL Hammons said...

What a scare! You've reached your limit as far as I'm concerned, so for the rest of this pregnancy I expect smooth sailing and peaceful resting. *Pointing finger with stern expression*

Candyland said...

Oh my goodness...though I'm only 5 months, something similar happened to me in the middle of the night recently. After a couple of hours, it passed-thankfully-without going to the hospital. But it's so scary to think of anything happening not just to yourself, but this little miracle you're carrying.

Wishing you a healthy delivery :)

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Oh man, so so scary. I had a similar issue when I went into labor with child 1, but I don't think my blood pressure dropped quite that low. I do remember them turning me from side to side, though. I didn't realize that's why. But I'm so glad you were okay. How unnerving. What a close call!! So so glad you and baby are okay. No more scares, okay? Take it easy, sweetness.

Jennie Bailey said...

Oh Sara - I can't believe I'm reading this late. My heart was beating so fast as I read as quickly as my eyes would go - like I could get you through it faster. How scary! And to hear a doctor yell "we're going to need help in here!"? My worst nightmare. I am so relieved that you and the baby are safe. Bed rest indeed! And prayers the rest of time passes smoothly. This incident was enough for the entire pregnancy!