Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm sure you already know and adore Elana Johnson. She's everywhere--she does so much for so many people. Her blog=amazing. Her accomplishments (querytracker, writeoncon, etc.)= astounding. And her book POSSESSION is finally here! WOOHOO!

I am so excited for you Elana, and just want to take the time to say


You rock and deserve all the good things coming your way.

Control or be controlled? That's the question! To find out, go out and get your copy today! I can't wait for the launch party tonight.


Unknown said...

This book is definitely on my must read list, along with Hourglass and Divergent, and couple other cool sounding books I just heard of today. I haven't read in fiction for a while since I'm bogging down with research, so I'm getting behind!

Theresa Milstein said...

I'm happy for Elana!

Stina said...

The best part is that it's actually in my local bookstore. Only I preordered it . . . with a book that isn't due out for two more weeks. :( #whatwasIthinking?

Unknown said...

She is too awesome for words!!! I love Elana and her book is addicting. No one will want to let her go that's for sure!!! Can't wait for the next book of hers!!!

PS - You'll want to stop at Afterglow Book Reviews today! The winners have been chosen and you my dear walked away with one!