Thursday, May 6, 2010

Curly Hair and Originality

Hello everyone. My name is Sara and I have naturally curly hair. There I admitted it. I can't tell you how many people would tell me that I'm so lucky to have naturally curly hair. I have to admit that there are times (not always) that I will agree with them... now.

When I was in middle school and high school, I seriously thought my curly hair was a curse. You tell me how it feels when everyone is sporting the latest "Rachel" hairdo of straight/flippy/short/long perfection (depending on the season of Friends that everyone was emulating) and I'm the only girl who looks like I still think getting perms is hot. I was going to post a picture of me in high school, but sadly there were no digital cameras running around rampant at that time. That means I'd have to find a picture of me and scan it in to my computer. Since I just moved and have no clue where half of my belongings are, it's just not happening. I know, you're devastated. Maybe another time... if you beg enough. (Cue evil laugh *hehehe*) Anyway... by the time I was senior, I was slightly more enamored of my curly hair, and realized that it was kind of nice to stand out from "the pack," but I still longed for the ability to straighten it. Blow drying it and using a curling iron = major frizz disaster of wavy craphair.

Then, THEN, when I was in my twenties, I met my CHI. Hello pretty straightener of miracles! I found a tool that would straighten my hair as straight as Jennifer Aniston's on season um... the one where it's super long and bone straight the whole time. In ten minutes. Choruses of angels were singing praises. Or else I was just belting out my joy and it was echoing back to me in my bathroom. I still wore my hair curly sometimes because I was a little afraid that if I didn't, my curl would go away.

Is there a point to this, you might ask? Hold your horses, I'm getting there. This is just too fun to reminisce. Ah... oh, sorry. Continuing on.

So, here I am today. I usually switch back and forth between straight one day and curly the next. And sadly, my curl isn't as tight as it once was (though it does get curlier if I wear it that way more than one day in a row), so I think my straightener addiction is having a small effect on it. Or maybe it's just changing with age.

Okay, ready for the point? How many of us writers have a hard time finding and embracing our own unique and original voices in our writing? Why do so many of us not only compare ourselves to other writers in terms of success or skill or what have you, but sometimes we (or maybe it's just me) find ourselves trying to force ourselves to fit into a certain mold? The key to being truly successful, to truly standing out of that slush pile or on that shelf, is to embrace our INDIVIDUALITY. That doesn't mean you shouldn't learn the tools of the trade and maybe use some of the best techniques that successful authors will teach you in classes or books. But don't lose yourself in the effort to "fit in."

Find what makes your stories and your writing unique and wonderful and embrace it. Now, should I wear my hair curly or straight today? ;P

Carolyn this pic is for you - proof of the curly hair. ;-) Random shot, but it shows the curl pretty well. (I'm helping lace up my SIL's wedding dress)

P.S. you may notice that my author picture is me with straight hair. It just so happened that my friend (who is in a writer's group with me and is an amazing photographer: Erin Summerill) decided to do pics at our last get-together, and my hair was straight that day. Just in case you were wondering. Like I said, it's a 50/50 chance these days if you'll see me with curly or straight hair. :-)


Carolyn V. said...

You have natural curly hair? How long have I known you and didn't know this?

I'm bummed that I missed the last get together. I really need Erin to take my pic. Yours turned out beautiful! =)

Sara B. Larson said...

Carolyn - Seriously? I swear I've worn it curly a couple times. In fact, I know I have, because the pictures Erin did last fall my hair was curly (but it was short and I didn't like it as much as now that it's grown out more again). Anyway... maybe I'll have to wear it curly to lunch next week so you can trust me! ;-) We missed you too last time; hopefully you can come next time. And thank you! But it helps that Erin is very talented.

MeganRebekah said...

My hair's about as curly as yours. Not the super, tight coils (that make me drool with jealousy) but curly enough to be a complete pain in the behind.
And I discovered hair straighteners my first week in college, when my roommate had one. We were immediately good friends :)

Sara B. Larson said...

MeganRebekah- Exactly; it's curly enough to look nice... sometimes. And just cause trouble the rest of the time. If I had to have curly hair, why couldn't it be tight coils?? I'm glad someone understands ;-)

lisa and laura said...

Your profile pic is GORGEOUS, Sara! And I'm so jealous of your curls! I think versatility is the key in hair (and in writing). You've got to know your audience!