Monday, June 27, 2011

One day more

Only one more day until we meet our little girl! Because of my low blood pressure issues, I am being induced tomorrow morning (if she doesn't decide to surprise us in the next few hours, that is). I. Can't. Wait.

Yes, I know this means I am going to be having sleepless nights. But at least they'll be sleepless because I'm taking care of my baby instead of being woken up by acid reflux, or my heart racing because my BP is dropping again.

Yes, I know it means taking care of three kids, which is going to be an adjustment. But at least I will be able to walk around, and run and jump and play and drive a car and do anything I want to instead of being stuck in bed all day and night.

Yes, I know it means my writing time will become even harder to find. But at least I know I've made it work in the past with a newborn and I know I can and will make it work again.

I am beyond thrilled to NOT be pregnant, to NOT be on bed rest, and to hold my baby girl in my arms. Wish us luck!

What are your big plans this week?

(and p.s. anyone know how to make blogger give me back my followers widget thingy? It's been missing for a couple of weeks now...)


Nicole Zoltack said...

You must be so excited! A little girl... yay! :)

ali cross said...

So, so happy for you!!! Happy baby birthing! LOL

And your widget is there as far as I can see. Did you fix it already? *shrug*

Shari said...

Congratulations! I'm sooo excited for you.

My followers have been missing for at least a month. Others can see them, but I can't and I don't know why. I've never been able to figure it out. Let me know if you do. And good luck!

Colene Murphy said...

OOOOH! YEAY!! Congratulations! Good luck tomorrow! Will be thinking of you and sending much love and prayers your way! She's going to be beautiful!

Angie said...

That's exciting, Sara. Congrats and good luck! (I can see your followers widget.)

Unknown said...

The big day is almost here. Good luck! :)


Jennie Bailey said...

So happy for you, Sara! I can't wait until you get to meet that beautiful little girl - and can't wait until we get to see pics! It will be nice to be mobile again. Sleepless nights? Bring 'em - you're a Mom and Moms can do ANYTHING (including find time to write once the dust settles and a routine is established).

Russo said...

I just wanted to drop a message to say that I hope all is going well. Congrats with the birth of your new lil one!